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    #F4TFriday – Landmarks

    I scrolled through my posts looking for those that stood out as landmarks.  The first ones are easy.  The first post ever on my blog.  Where I seem bewildered but determined to get to grips with my changed circumstances – you can read it here: https://wordpress.com/post/cleareyedgirlblog.wordpress.com/3 I  then alighted on and chose this one as it so clearly evokes where we started and when I started playing with words: Strap sound https://wordpress.com/post/cleareyedgirlblog.wordpress.com/545 This post is another landmark; one where we acknowledged the breaking open of the D/s silo we had started the relationship in and our mutual desire to see where that took us: https://wordpress.com/post/cleareyedgirlblog.wordpress.com/3620 Every relationship has its ups…

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    Wallflower, wallflower growing up so high

    There was a time where everything inspired the desire to write. Having made a series of big breaks in my life and running on adrenaline most of the time, I was highly charged. My mind was taking in new experiences, new neural connections were being created hourly and I wanted to get it out there, wanted to share my new ideas with my new friends. I was in an expansive space – my world was getting bigger and so was I. Any expansion has to be supported by back fill, a tree extending a limb further out than it has roots to anchor it will inevitably topple over, and so…

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    Eroticon 2019 Virtual Meet and Greet

    Eroticon 2019 Meet and Greet I have been attending Eroticon since 2013 and have all the notebooks from all the sessions I have attended.  I guess it is fair to say then that Eroticon has been extremely influential in my growing understanding of both my own sexuality and those around me.  This has been reflected in my writing and was central to my starting an MA in Creative Writing (I am still to decide whether to continue with this). To say that going to Eroticon is life changing is no small claim but one I make boldly as it has had a huge impact in my own life.  I hope…

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    my hand and put it where you need my touch. Arrange my limbs to suit your purpose on this cold wintry day. Do you need my heat? Want my moist lips around your velveted head? Require me only to accept you in? Take it. Grind my face into the scent of you. Place your hand on my head and push me down, so close my nostrils cannot allow breath in. Fill my mouth with you. Have me moan and wriggle with pleasure mixed with drops of fear. Laugh as you release me, and I gasp and drool, pupils wide with arousal, mouth still open as instructed. Tease my nipples with…

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    2018 – I am changed

    Sitting on his leather sofa in front of the fire and surrounded by the contented snores of sundry animals, I pause to consider what this year has meant to me, to us, and who has been a co-conspirator and fellow traveller along the way. Two main themes leap out at me as lie in His arms in the limbo land between Christmas and New Year. Those of endings and beginnings, the Alpha and Omega of life if you will. Many of you will know, indeed will have so kindly offered support through the last year of my dad’s decline and his death in late September. There is no getting away…

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    If I were your girlfriend

    ‘Would you let me dress you, before we go out? Not cos you’re helpless, but cos those are the things, those are the things, that being in love’s about’  Prince, If I were your girlfriend. I remember when my husband hacked my computer and found my messages to M. He told a mutual friend that M told me what to wear as evidence that this was a regressive relationship. In fact, I had regularly asked my husband what I should wear and he always responded that I should be comfortable. I don’t blame him for this response but it was so far from what I was asking we might have…

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    What’s in a name?

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet” (Act 2, scene 2) Romeo and Juliet Juliet uses this phrase to argue that Romeo’s name is incidental to their love.  Whilst this might be true for them, their other relationship, that of children in the warring families of Capulet and Montague argues exactly the opposite – namely  that precisely because of his name Juliet should not and could not fall in love with Romeo and there are certainly those around who should argue that my M and I should not have fallen in love with each other.  I don’t share their view. I…

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    #SinfulSunday – I am – reflective

    As always, I have sought to make an image that is meaningful to me as well as, hopefully, creative and erotic. My father’s death last week has meant that I am reflective rather than sinful but hopefully this fulfils both mine and the prompts’ requirements . Don’t forget to click on the lips to see who else is being sinful this week