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    Sometimes desire

    This used to be the only place we met. We lived apart, had separate lives, friends, and families. Now, most of our kids have met the other. The venn diagram of our friends has many more people in the centre. Our lives intersect in so many places without bleeding into each other so much that we don’t know where we both begin and end. We’re here, a hotel room in the afternoon, a bottle of champagne and some sushi down, chatting, snoozing and enjoying each other’s company. We’re intimate, close, and connected. It’s a gift neither of us take for granted. And, easy though it might be to hold what…

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    Owning pleasure – an about us post

    I remember it so clearly. I was lying on my bed even though it was lunchtime, I was still wearing my underwear which was also odd as I like to sleep naked. However, I wasn’t there to sleep, I was there for my own pleasure, with a man that wasn’t there, and who also wasn’t my husband. We’d been talking for months, from early spring until this warm summer day. I could hear the cars on the busy road outside, going about their business as if something as if all was normal. So afraid of being caught was I that I wondered how could they not know what I was…

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    Can I get a witness?

    Who here, watches porn? Hands up? Yes I see you. Me? No not really, not ever really, apart from that period when I first encountered fetlife with my ex. That opened my world right up. I saw things I had never, ever seen before. Women being whipped, men in tutus with barbed wire wound around their legs, revelling in the blood, people in latex, strung out on racks lying under funnels that directed the gushes of the people above them into their mouths. Debauched, energised, febrile at times, my body responded in spite of my mind. I got wet. It was perplexing. After all hadn’t Dworkin written that all penetrative…

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    I have had such ennui since we came back. Everything had paled into grey and I could see no way out to a colourful world that seemed no longer to be anything to do with me. I was lost. I was ungrounded after a week of being connected to you. My world grew small enough to cover me and I stopped. I just stopped. After a day of emails, and sorting things, and a return to a home I felt absent from you sent me a message: Bath night for eye, speak later. Oh and 4… It immediately opened up a passage way out of this darkness and I rushed…

  • Sinful Sunday

    #SinfulSunday – kneeling

    I love to kneel and wait. Sometimes at His feet, sometimes before Him, sometimes for Him. What matter most is that it is with Him, our mutual needs meet in this simple action. ?❤? Technical stuff: this is another in my series of photos taken wearing this outfit and using a tripod and a clicker. A first for me and something I will repeat. Don’t forget to click on the lips to see who else is being sinful this week will you?

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    Leaning in

    We met on a hot day in April by Harrods, you in your suit with laptop and a City grin and me with a charity shop Jaeger dress and my feet sore from London walking. I had a twitter friend with me, and was strangely anxious about you both meeting, what if you didn’t like each other? As it was, who could resist your eyes? Warm, friendly, alive and an unusual hazel colour. They warm the personality denying City uniform and speak always of a lively intelligence and a very special pair of hands. We said good-bye to my friend and caught the tube to the Tate Modern. A Picasso…

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    #SinfulSunday – other people

    I have a Doxy and I live in a shared house. The 2 things are linked in that the Doxy,whilst propelling me towards an orgasm in under 3 minutes, does it with the relentlessness of a ruthlessly skilled lover who makes a noise like a small aircraft taking off and I do not want my housemates to be made aware of our affair. This evening, after work as the sun prepared to leave the sky for another night I had the house to myself and I took my lover out of his drawer and he used me over and over again for his own pleasure, as I gasped out mine…….…

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    Elust 100

      Elust 100   Photo courtesy of Wriggly Kitty Welcome to Elust 100– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #101 Start with the rules, come back December 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!   ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ He’s Out of My League Pink Hair, Don’t Care! I’m a feminist but… ~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~ Pain Sluts and Brain Squirrels His Car Keys Take…

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    Another long day had nagged at her enjoyment of the smallest things.  Usually able to take pleasure in the intense aroma of a well-made cup of coffee or at the sight of a turning leaf falling from a tree through an arc of sunlight, today’s demands had made her hair grey rather than silver and threatened the reliable smile on her face. She needed something sweet to reconnect her with delight once more but was unable to deliver it to herself in her careworn state. Her phone pinged with a notification – Here Yes, she replied and proceeded to empty her cares into the phone, telling him of the additional…