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    #SinfulSunday – double act

    One of the great things about meeting fellow twits is that if you invite them to come to the toilets with you and take their tops off for a #SinfulSunday picture they not only don’t blink an eye but they also join in with gusto. This week you get two for the price of one from me but don’t forget to click on the lips to see who else is being sinful this week

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    I have been writing this post in my head for a long time, years in fact.  And yet, when it comes to the point I still can’t quite put my finger on what it is I want to say.  The urge to write it comes upon me when I receive a comment about my kindness, my niceness, my obvious goodness that makes me uncomfortable.  “What if,” the voice in my head says, “what if they knew you were a cheat?” Another part of me will then step forward, protesting a little too loudly, too vociferously for my internal task master, but she says, “No it wasn’t like that, no that isn’t…

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    Home revisited #1

    The title says it all, I am revisiting my home pieces which can be found somewhere on this site, good luck to you if you go looking, I can’t find them at all.  That is such a perfect metaphor.  I know they are here, somewhere.  They were heartfelt and important at the time of writing but what is much more important to me now is the now.  This now.  Me. At the table, writing as I Iisten to the transmission of Kate Bush’s Ninth Wave.  I am bathing in the sounds.  I am squinting at the screen.  I am wondering if my hair, newly washed today, will carry the scent…