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    House Clearing

    Polly paused to wipe the hair away from her face. It was dusty, heart-breaking work clearing out her mum and dad’s house to prepare it for sale. Nothing had been touched since her dad died whilst her mum was in the nursing home. Perhaps part of her had thought that sometime she would return and want to have her things around her, even though most of her knew that was never going to happen. ‘Do we ever really grow up around our parents?’ she thought as she sifted through another section of the shelves that surrounded the fireplace that had once radiated warmth throughout the house. The black bags designated…

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    What do we do when we feel a bit flabby? When our legs are the one thing that still feel like the us we like? We cover them in shimmering body oil and prop them up on the balcony painted blue to reflect the Aegean, and we take a photo. Obvs. Reflection is the name of the game here; on the past 9 years, on my relationship to my post menopausal body with all the extra bits that natural process has left me with, on my new relationship which has settled in nicely, thank you for asking, on the diversion of my creativity into gardening, reading, thinking, on the 600th…

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    Here goes

    I procrastinate, double-bind myself, hesitate, and then ... Well you know what they say about he who hesitates don't you? So here goes.

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    Body love

    I haven’t been very comfortable in my body for the last year or so. Covid19 and the deaths of both my parents within 2 years hit my emotional and physical health dramatically The Germans have a word for it, don’t they always? They call it Kummerspeck or grief bacon and it feels apt. Composed of cortisol and solidified tears it settled around my middle in a way that felt unhealthy and was as unwanted as the causes. I have been working hard to regain my fitness levels for the past year and to get a handle on my emotional eating patterns. It’s been a real struggle at times, and whilst…

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    Sometimes desire

    This used to be the only place we met. We lived apart, had separate lives, friends, and families. Now, most of our kids have met the other. The venn diagram of our friends has many more people in the centre. Our lives intersect in so many places without bleeding into each other so much that we don’t know where we both begin and end. We’re here, a hotel room in the afternoon, a bottle of champagne and some sushi down, chatting, snoozing and enjoying each other’s company. We’re intimate, close, and connected. It’s a gift neither of us take for granted. And, easy though it might be to hold what…